Men and Predatory behaviours

Predatory men – I have recently got back in the dating game and as a gay women in these times have been forced to use dating apps.

What I have been angered by is the amount of men who are on a lesbian dating apps, if this isn’t an example of predatory behaviour by men I don’t know what is.

Even though my bio explicitly states I’m not interested in men they still insist on contacting me and get offended when I tell them about themselves.

Some men even disguise themselves as women on these apps as friends have told me, what is that about??

I don’t believe women go on gay male sites and pretend to be men, correct me if I’m wrong.

These type of men are purposefully abusing women spaces in order to prey upon vulnerable women. This alone should show the the type of low level misogyny that goes on in our society as well as the disrespect and arrogance men have towards women. The fact that men do this shows the confidence they have around their abusive behaviour and no fear about being held to account for this predatory behaviour.

As for the dating apps, why aren’t you doing things to stop this abusive behaviour.

What makes you as a man think it’s acceptable to do things like ‘up skirting’. Touching women without their consent, rubbing up against them on the tube, etc.

These are not behaviours perpetrated by women but are regularly perpetrated by men. This is why I teach what I teach in order to give women some tools that might help them protect themselves in these situations, but women should not have these fears.

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