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Wing Chun Punching

Wing Chun punches – As you can see from video wing Chun punches are what I describe as chain punching or rolling punches.

This type of punching means the elbow is down, fist are also pointing horizontally as opposed to vertically and flows from the centre line. The shoulders stay relaxed and the hands are pushed forward.

In this video I go through the technique for this kind of punching, keeping the shoulders still and relaxed, body weighted into the ground. I advise trying to do 100 punches a day, this should help your technique to improve quickly as well as commit it to muscle memory.

technique for wing Chun Punches

In this video we will look at Footwork, This foot work is mainly used for Wing Chun techniques for self defence. The feet are just over hip distance apart in a parallel stance. This stance allows you to move in all four directions quite easily, a bit like a tennis player can shift very quickly forward and side to side from a starting stance.

In this particular foot work video you will be learning how to move from the start position 45 degrees off the centre line.

The centre line runs horizontal from the head down to the groin, either side of this line are essential organs and sensitive hitting points known as pressure points.

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