Fitness Specialities

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Circuits, Calisthenics & Body Building

Functional training – improve cardiovascular, endurance and strength with circuits using body weight, kettlebells, weights, suspension training, boxing. It Improves body posture, muscle toning, bone and joint strength, weight loss, muscle increase.

Self-defence & Pad Workouts – uses martial arts training and techniques as part of a fitness regime. This includes padwork, punching and kicking, weights and flexibility. Improve cardio, stamina, muscle and core strengths.

Body realignment – correcting and strengthening mis-alignments in body structure which will help prevent or stop injuries. Or re-strengthen and improve flexibility after injury.

“As a female trainer and martial artist I quickly learnt not to accept the limitations put on me by society and others.”

Working with the body and mind.”


3 thoughts on “Fitness Specialities

  1. Hi Michelle,

    I have just signed up to anytime fitness in bow and am looking for someone to help me lose fat and build a decent amount of muscle – I used to row competitively so the cardio angle wouldn’t need too much work – but rather to put together a solid weights routine and motivate me to push myself.

    I was wondering why your charges are and whether you would be able to work from the gym I’ve signed up to for our sessions?

    Kind regards,



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