I am a Personal Trainer based in East London, UK.

East London Personal Trainer

Each client gets a free consultation and a personal fitness plan designed to achieve your goals, restore your body and leave you feeling better about yourself.

Training Programmes

Calisthenics, Kickboxing / Kung fu for fitness and self protection. Kettlebells and functional fitness carried out on Well Street common, E9 5DY 0r London Fields, E8 3EU

For clients more interested in Body building and Weight training I use a friendly gym called Titan gym – 255 Mare Street, London E8 3NS

You can train one on one or with a partner.

Personal training will help you to achieve your goals quicker and support you both mentally and physically to reach your goals.

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Personal Trainer

Michelle – I have over 15 years experience helping clients in attaining their fitness and body goals. I have trained for many years and have experience in body building, kung fu, flexibility and body alignment. A trained sports counselor and hypnotherapist I can improve sporting performance and ability.

Block sessions (Best Value)

10 x 1 hour sessions


Sessions per hour


Video Calling

£360 x 10

£40 per hour

Fighting Fit Studio

Founded in 2010 by Michelle Crawford @michelleptFighting Fit Studio

If you have any more questions about training session please feel free to contact me.


(44) 07805 612127

9:00 am – 8:00 pm
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