Stand Up To Misogyny

So here we are again having the same conversation about female security and the abuse women suffer on a daily basis. The statistics are rolled out again and we all looked shocked and disgusted and talk about change, yet nothing happens. I am so tired and angry of having this same conversation all through my life and fighting this issue on a constant daily basis.

Labour MP Jess Phillips reads out the names of women who die on a daily basis in the house of commons, she needs to be recognised for doing something productive.

But otherwise the usual faces are rolled out in the media and the usual stupid and inappropriat questions are asked which distracts from the issue.

“More young men die on the streets than women on a daily basis”, firstly what the f-ck does this have to do with the abuse and death rate of women. Secondly it is still mainly men doing the killing and thirdly this has nothing to do with the misogynistic abuse and killing of women that is rife in most if not all societies regardless of race and culture.

So women when asked these questions stop apologetically explaining why the killing and abusing of women thats systemic in our society has nothing to do with the killing of young men. These are two separate issues.

Instead ask the interviewer why the fuck they are linking this question to the daily death rate of women, like that fact makes it less important. 

The other trope that is constantly rolled out is, “but not all men are abusers”, again getting women to apologise and justify and make men feel better again by having to say, “no not all men are abusers”. Feel better now men…..

Again another form of taking away and distracting from the issue that it is men that mainly kill other men and men are the misogynists that attack and abuse women on a daily basis, I’m not apologizing for saying that.

Women stop trying to make men feel better and start understanding your patriarchal beliefs and mindsets that keep you in the same position, so instead of holding your abusers to account you justify and mollycoddle them.

Get angry like the women who fought for female equality and voting and start demanding change in your life and what you see around you. 

Stop justifying this shit for men, because this is what happens and is exactly why nothing changes.

Let’s be clear the reason why we don’t have bank robberies 3 times a week or women killing their abusive partners more regularly is because we have severe sentences for breaking these laws.

The question is why do we still not have those kind of severe sentences to protect our women and children

Why does the criminal justice system still insist on making sexual assault and rape laws against women so hard to prosecute.

Why do the police and criminal justice system still treat the women like their on trial.

We then look at the effort put in by the CPS to convict a woman like Caroline Flack of domestic violence but can’t manage to prosecute most men for the same abuses or get justice for the majority of women when it comes to rape cases.

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