Female strength training and body building

Titan gym Hackney

Titan gym is a body building gym in Hackney East London. I love working out of this gym with clients, ideal gym for body building and strength training. Best of all no membership fees.

Thoughts of the Day

Personal Strength

Find a purpose in life so you don’t have to rely on some one else to make you feel important and needed.

In the 57 years I have existed on this planet the biggest lesson I learnt was to have a purpose in life. This does not mean you have to become the next guru or spiritual enlightened one, it means find something that gives you meaning and a sense of fulfilment, otherwise you look for someone else to do this for you.

If you spend your life waiting for others to confirm your importance in life you will never feel satisfied, same as if you spend your life just existing.

Criticism may come and go, acceptance may come and go, same as friend and lovers, but if you’re grounded in your souls purpose in life then pain becomes a lesson learnt, fleeting and justifiable and joy and pleasure is more appreciated.

I try not to live my life in fear, fear of the unknown or death, as these things I can’t control. What I can control is self and I remember that the same chemicals in my body that produce fear (i.e adrenalin) can also be used for excitement.

On a daily basis…

On a daily basis I remind myself not to take life too personally

I remind myself of where I’e come from to the success I’ve created in my life

I am not just a survivor but a thriver

The gifts given are empathy and hypersensitivity to motives and behaviours of others

My empathy allows me to be aware of others pain and needs

My hypersensitivity makes me aware of others motives for good or bad

I trust my instincts which have served me well.

I save my love for those who can show empathy and compassion for others

And I release those that are only aware of self.