Rainbow Romantic Tours – Crowdfunding project 4 LGBTQ+ Project

Aimis – Aimis to offer luxury leisure canal tours and romantic breaks along the Regents canal. Creating a LGBTQ+ friendly and women led business Business –  Herstory; – I am a gay women who runs a successful personal training business called fighting fit studio in and around Hackney and Bow. I grew up in Hackney onContinue reading “Rainbow Romantic Tours – Crowdfunding project 4 LGBTQ+ Project”

Stop Over Intellectualising My Pain

My childhood began with a mother with mental health issues, a father placing me in foster care for my protection, being isolated from the foster family by being made to eat and live in my bedroom and not be a part of the rest of the family. Being abused for years by one of theContinue reading “Stop Over Intellectualising My Pain”

On a daily basis…

On a daily basis I remind myself not to take life too personally I remind myself of where I’e come from to the success I’ve created in my life I am not just a survivor but a thriver The gifts given are empathy and hypersensitivity to motives and behaviours of others My empathy allows meContinue reading “On a daily basis…”

Work Place fitness

Working with Mamou Mani ltd staff team, lunch time fitness to help with motivation, team building and general fitness. Office work means a long time sitting and generally staring at a screen. Staff training can include fitness classes. These classes can helps with team building as well as self protection. I use skills and techniquesContinue reading “Work Place fitness”

Learn to Talk

If you link yourself blindly and totally in one camp or another, you limit and bias yourself to only one perception. I’ve always been of the mind that before you can fully criticise another’s beliefs, you must first understand them.  If you do not open yourself to alternative points of view, you can never trulyContinue reading “Learn to Talk”