Fitness & Weight Loss

                       Stronger, Fitter, Faster  Lose Weight, Get Fit, Improve Quality of Life  1 to 1 Studio Space  Michelle Crawford Bsc(hons)psyc, Dip Sports Psyc, YMCA fitness level 3  Fighting Fit Studio  07805 612127 –  36 Gossamer City Project  London E2 9FN 

Pad Workouts

Using fighting skills gained from years of martial arts experience in wing chun & jeet kune do – exercises and padwork to improve fitness, endurance and strength. Burn calories, lose weight, strengthen core & Improve technique, speed & flexibility.


By Michelle Crawford “In order to achieve, you must believe..” As a counsellor and trainer I often speak to my clients about the ‘Self-fulfilling prophecy’, so what do I mean by that? Well if you believe yourself to be weak you will be weak, if you tell yourself you can’t do something then you won’t.Continue reading “Self-Empowerment”