Rainbow Romantic Tours – Crowdfunding project 4 LGBTQ+ Project

Aimis – Aimis to offer luxury leisure canal tours and romantic breaks along the Regents canal. Creating a LGBTQ+ friendly and women led business Business –  Herstory; – I am a gay women who runs a successful personal training business called fighting fit studio in and around Hackney and Bow. I grew up in Hackney onContinue reading “Rainbow Romantic Tours – Crowdfunding project 4 LGBTQ+ Project”

Stop Over Intellectualising My Pain

My childhood began with a mother with mental health issues, a father placing me in foster care for my protection, being isolated from the foster family by being made to eat and live in my bedroom and not be a part of the rest of the family. Being abused for years by one of theContinue reading “Stop Over Intellectualising My Pain”

Thoughts of the Day

Find a purpose in life so you don’t have to rely on some one else to make you feel important and needed. In the 57 years I have existed on this planet the biggest lesson I learnt was to have a purpose in life. This does not mean you have to become the next guruContinue reading “Thoughts of the Day”