Learn to Talk

If you link yourself blindly and totally in one camp or another, you limit and bias yourself to only one perception. I’ve always been of the mind that before you can fully criticise another’s beliefs, you must first understand them.  If you do not open yourself to alternative points of view, you can never trulyContinue reading “Learn to Talk”

Herstory – My Continuous Struggle for Equality

When I started down the road of training I was lucky on two counts; 1 – I didn’t think like the average female of my time 2 – I had a training partner and best friend who also didn’t think and behave as the average women of that time What do I mean by this?Continue reading “Herstory – My Continuous Struggle for Equality”

Women and Sport

by Michelle Crawford BSc (Hons) The decision on Caster Semenya by the IAAF to make her take drugs that would reduce her testosterone before she can take part in women’s sports got me thinking about my own experience as a female sports women and personal trainer. I find the decision outrageous and believe will setContinue reading “Women and Sport”