Fighting Fit Studio

Labels I’m proud of as a Wo-man

Mixed-race Mother, lover, grandmother, sister, aunty, 55+, LGBTQ, dyslexic, survivor, thriver, working class, business owner and friend.

Be proud of your accomplishments, know who you are and embrace those things that make you different from others not the same.

Don’t rely on others for your self-worth because as fast as they may build your up is as fast as they can pull you down. I have always said that people, even those who you feel have your best interest at heart, will rather drag you down to their level than come up to yours. This is because a lot of us aren’t willing to take responsibility for our behaviours and life and look outside for others to blame.

If you own your sh.t then you can change your sh.t and know one or nothing can have control over your value and worth. Live up to your potential, become a positive beacon for others and walk away form those who do not appreciate your essence.

Fighting Fit Studio


Time to stand up against the bullies, misogynist and abusers. Time to hit back…

Abuser of all forms look for victims, weakness, vulnerability be that physical or mental. Get, stronger, fitter, faster and learn how to fight back

No more patriarchal beliefs around what it is to be a woman. Be the woman you want to be but have the ability to protect that belief regardless of other’s opinions….


Here at fighting fit studio I use fighting exercises and skills in my training programs. Not only does this help to improve fitness it also gives you practical tools that you can use in defence if ever needed.

Body weight circuit
50kg Weight circuit
Kettlebell circuit

At fighting fit studio you get an all round exercise program which includes Pad Workouts.

This kind of program is great for weight loss, but this is not your main focus. Improves speed, coordination and strength.