Female Personal Trainer

not limited by age or gender

Michelle Crawford Bsc(Hons) Psychology & Sociology

Qualified hypnotherapist and Sports Psychologist

Fighting Fit Studio Qualified Personal Trainer

No monthly or membership fees

Training areas are Titan Gym, London Fields, Well St Common, Victoria Pk, Wellington Green

9 thoughts on “Female Personal Trainer

  1. I’ve trained with other personal trainers in the past but when it comes to making sustainable changes, Michelle is the real deal. She tailors the training to your level of ability but keeps motivating you to go to the next level and beyond. She’s extremely knowledgeable not only about training safely and effectively but also about nutrition. Michelle also has a great sense of humour and is extremely supportive – a total win win! So if you are serious about achieving results then get in touch with Michelle.


  2. When I started training with Michelle I was a size 16-18 a big comfort eating and really hated exercise! Michelle’s motivation, knowledge and teaching has turned me into a much healthier size 10-12, Michelle has re educated my eating habits and has made me actually enjoy exercising! I now have the strength and stamina to keep up with my energetic daughters aged 3 & 6 they love how active I have become. I am much stronger both physically and mentally my confidence has improved so much since I started training. Michelle constantly changes the sessions so there is no chance of getting bored and she knows how to push you further when you think its not possible. Michelle’s use of martial arts, boxing and self defence in sessions is a great learning experience and such a good out let I would highly recommend Michelle as a personal trainer if you want to change your body shape, Create muscles where you didn’t think were possible she is the lady to go to.


  3. Fighting Fit Studio is a personal training studio in a beautiful setting and offers a bright, safe space for one – one training.
    Unlike other studios FFS is truly a space for one on one training as the space is not shared with another PT.
    I specialise in functional training and martial arts techniques to quickly get you fit and in shape.
    I am a fully qualified PT with over 15 years experience.
    I also offer nutritional advice, improved flexibility and body re-alignment.

    Free consultation


  4. Michelle is the first time I have tried a personal trainer. In the past I have joined many gyms and subsequently cancelled many subscriptions. I enjoy running but I never learned what to do with weights. I decided to try a personal trainer because I wanted to learn about weights from an expert and to build strength in my upper body. Michelle has been a revelation! She makes exercise fun and sociable by giving you healthy challenge and support. The sessions are always different with a mix of martial arts, weights and self-defence. Every week I am getting stronger and, for the first time, have some muscles in my arms. I’m not sure what to do with them yet, but Michelle assures me that I will be able to do my first chin-up very soon. In summary, Michelle will change your life.


  5. Hi,

    I’m looking for a personal trainer to help me kickstart this journey.

    Please could you email me?


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