Transfemales and females debate…

So women are now being described as bodies with vaginas in order to differentiate us from transwomen and so not to upset or neglect them when it comes to medical needs.

Now not all transwomen agree with the silencing and erosion of us as women, so this is only directed at those nonliberal liberals who seem to feel it’s ok to trash one minority groups rights over another. Women who are still fighting oppression and their rights to be heard.

No this has to stop, otherwise as a woman with a vagina and a cervix, who is going through menapause and have had to live through period pains and PMS can not support you. It just goes to prove what I have been saying all along and causing me to defend my rights as a woman. You transitioning from male to female does not mean you understand our cause properly, as you have had the privilege of being a male.

As for women who want to deny us the ability to be able to own our own sex without being called transfobic shame on you.

We as women are still fighting our own battles with equality in the medical world as well as being under valued in society.

What’s wrong with having transsports, or just identifying as a transwoman, why is their this need to pretend that as a woman I don’t have the right to own my own sex.

If you wasn’t born with a vagina or a womb then you biologically are not what nature would design as female.

When you become female this is a form of female you recognise in society and so therefore follow those feminine ideologies placed on us by men. Your historical struggle is not the same as mine as a woman.

You can not understand the plight of a race by changing your skin colour and adopting their dress and culture, you don’t have the same wounds.

So stop pretending the two are the same thing. Funny how this is only a problem when it comes to men transitioning into women…

Personal Training

leg blocks
Pad work

At fightingfitstudio I use fighting fitness skills for clients that like this kind of training.

Great for cardio and reaction time and includes body strength exercises.

I find this is a great workout as can also help with stress release and has practical and functional skills.

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Covid Vaccination

So the media, government, and people who feel they have the right to tell others or force others through restrictions to do what they perceive to be right. They like to tell others what they are obliged to do. Talk to people like they are stupid because they choose not to instantly believe governments and scientists. Guilt tripping people into protecting the old and the vulnerable by injecting themselves with a vaccine whether they need to or want to. Now I’m not opposed to vaccines as long as it’s done through choice and not coercion. Those who like to tell me to protect others out of duty, well why? How do I know who that person is in their every day life. That elderly person or vulnerable person could be a child abuser, rapist, racist, sexual abuser, etc. How do I know that they haven’t spent their life taking advantage of others or being a selfish git. I owe no one nothing and no one owes me anything. I’ve spent my life helping others without expectation or need for moral self righteousness.