Transgender & Feminism

International women’s week has just finished and I observe the women who are talking about equality for women and wonder how equal they are in their own lives to men. They talk equality while perpetuating sexualised gender norms themselves. “They talk the talk but do they walk the walk”. To be equal you have toContinue reading “Transgender & Feminism”


By Michelle Crawford “In order to achieve, you must believe..” As a counsellor and trainer I often speak to my clients about the ‘Self-fulfilling prophecy’, so what do I mean by that? Well if you believe yourself to be weak you will be weak, if you tell yourself you can’t do something then you won’t.Continue reading “Self-Empowerment”


Obesity – disease or lifestyle choice By Michelle Crawford @ Fighting Fit Studio So here we are 2019 and talk around obesity and dieting has picked up in the media as it does every year. January is here and you’re all making your New Year’s resolution to get fitter, faster, stronger and lose weight whichContinue reading “Obesity”