Importance of body alignment 

Happy New Year 

Well the holidays are over and most of you will be getting back on track with your training or some of you will be thinking about starting training.

In this blog I wish to discuss the importance of body alignment. What do I mean by this??

Well when we are born, unless you have a disability, most of us are born with our joints and limbs straight and in balance. We are flexible, our feet point forward and we have full range of movement around our joints. The best way to observe this is in newly born children or toddlers who haven’t been corrupted by life style yet.

As we get older all this changes unless you stay aware of how your body works and compensate for any miss-alignment. Start looking, you’ll see people running, walking or cycling with their feet turnt out. A lot of people can no longer touch their toes or kneel comfortably. These are all signs that your body is out of alignment. This can create lower back, hips or knee problems which can eventually lead to operations or chronic pain.

Other things that cause the body to be out of ballance is an injury or a medical procedure. 

Most people either never correct the issue, or give up because it is painful or takes a long time. But perseverance is one of the best things you can do for yourself as it will keep you mobile in older age.

So if you’re thinking of personal training, joining a gym for the new year they should be able to assess you and help with exercises or stretches that can improve your situation.   


Empower Your Daughters

IMG_0198Empower yourself and your Daughters

When I started training (20 years ago), there was not many women in my martial arts class or even the gym.
I was lucky because my instructor did not treat his female clients any different to his male students.
There was no push-ups on knees, no excuses that you couldn’t do something because you was female. This wasn’t the norm in other dojos.
I’ve been told that as a woman I couldn’t do full push-ups as it would damage my reproductive organs.
Well I never listened to these people, even in school I knew that I may not be as fast or as strong as all men, or boys at the time, but I was not as weak as the weakest or as slow as the slowest, not by a long chalk.
So I never let my sex limit me or use it to justify why I couldn’t do something.
If we look at sports today and how far women have come in a short period of time imagine were we could have been if we never accepted this gender classification of being weaker or less able than all men.
If we look at education then we see women excel in a lot of areas even though our access to education came way after our male counterparts.
When we look at sports women such as Venus and her sister who changed the women’s game of tennis by proving their sheer power on the court. We can see that if you don’t hold yourself back as a female the possibilities are endless.
They have endured, as well as myself, the ridicules and pathetic comments from both men and women about looking too masculine.
Well physical strength comes from muscle and I don’t have any problem with my muscle mass and think women are beautiful with muscle definition. What this shows me is that I chose not to be a victim by allowing men or women to see me as weaker because of my sex.
Also it is a lot easier to try and break people down with your own inferiorities and negative stereotypes than it is to go against the crowd and redefine or breakdown these stereotypes of ‘normality’ or patriarchal justifications of why women are less than men.