Covid Vaccination

So the media, government, and people who feel they have the right to tell others or force others through restrictions to do what they perceive to be right. They like to tell others what they are obliged to do. Talk to people like they are stupid because they choose not to instantly believe governments and scientists. Guilt tripping people into protecting the old and the vulnerable by injecting themselves with a vaccine whether they need to or want to. Now I’m not opposed to vaccines as long as it’s done through choice and not coercion. Those who like to tell me to protect others out of duty, well why? How do I know who that person is in their every day life. That elderly person or vulnerable person could be a child abuser, rapist, racist, sexual abuser, etc. How do I know that they haven’t spent their life taking advantage of others or being a selfish git. I owe no one nothing and no one owes me anything. I’ve spent my life helping others without expectation or need for moral self righteousness.

Published by fighting fit studio

As a PT I work around the London E9 area, outside training in Well St common, Victoria Pk, London Fields, Wellington Green, etc. Gym training at Titan gym, Hackney London E8 3RD, no membership fees and entrance fee included in PT payment. Workouts - bodybuilding, martial arts and pad workouts, Calisthenics, Circuits, and functional training. I have over 20 years of fitness teaching fitness which includes strength training, body alignment, flexibility, and rehabilitation.

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