Domestic Violence

Domestic violence

I am always astounded that domestic violence and sexual exploitation of women and young girls is just condoned by us as women in a supposedly advanced society. Even though it hits the news occasionally nothing changes and women continue to be the main victims of these crimes.

Women have been disempowered for centuries now because of what we accept as femininity and social norms and stereotypes.

Women are willing to accept being called the weaker sex, they feel equality only comes in the form of materialism and employment.

I have fought all my life to not be a victim of these norms and stereotypes and have taken a lot of abuse for ti, but I am able to stand my ground because I am not intimidated by men and do not feel the need to fit in.

I have worked hard on myself to reach this state of being and see it as my duty to keep talking about and bringing attention to these things. I have spent my career supporting those women that need help to find this confidence and ability to stand up for themselves and to see themselves as worthy of equality and not intimidated by bullies or people who wish to abuse them or bring them down.

“it is much easier to pull people down than it is to come up to their level.”

So while women are the main victims of domestic violence, continuously exploited sexually and abused both physically and mentally for being women and young girls, then we haven’t achieved equality at all. Neither are we protected or made to feel safe by the laws or legal systems in our society.

I don’t care how pretty you are, how expensive your clothes are or what car you drive, how much money you make, you are not equal until society sees that as a women it should not matter about your previous sex life in a rape trial, women should not be given life sentences when eventually snapping after years of abuse, or shouted down when talking about such things when the courts may have found 1 man not guilty or why women need safe spaces.

All this shows that men are still finding ways to justify their behaviour or scare women into not saying anything about their exploitive behaviour.

The ‘Me Too’ movement has done nothing to change this so we have to find something new and be willing to fight for these rights in the same way we fought for the right to vote.

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