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Everything has a purpose and a reason for being

Relaxation + Visualisation = Manifestation

What is self-hypnosis? Self-hypnosis gives you practical tools to first quiet the mind and relax the body, it allows you to create healing energy and behavioural changes through reprogramming how the mind thinks and body feels.

As humans we learn behaviour for self-protection and survival and can hang onto learnt childhood responses which are not necessary for our survival to date. It is good to review these behaviours as we grow and change.

Self-hypnosis at first will teach you how to quiet the mind and learn relaxation. Stage one is to find a chair with a straight back and where your feet can comfortably reach the floor. 2 – turn everything off and sit quietly with eyes closed 3 – relax each part of your body by feeling or visualising each muscle including the face. Start with the feet work up to the body to the head. Subconsciously tell each muscle to relax and feel it physically relax.

Next count back from 100 down to 1, as you do this see yourself in your mind’s eye either walking down stairs or going down in a lift. You can visualize any type of descending activity that you feel comfortable with. Once you reach the bottom see yourself entering your favourite place through a door and stay there for a bit familiarising yourself with the environment. This can be a beach, woods, house, it’s your fantasy so enjoy it. Try and visualize colours, sounds, noise, objects, feelings. Feel yourself relaxing and just being in that space.

When you’re ready to leave count up from 1 – 10, now ascending your stairs or lift, and with each step tell yourself you are waking feeling confident, happy, strong and ready to fulfill your destiny in love and light. Practice daily and you’ll get better at it. You may not see changes straight away but stick with it.

Most people are afraid to just sit with self and hear their thoughts. Know you are in total control over your body and mind and therefore self. This exercise will help you have more control over your thinking and then, in turn, your actions and behaviours.

I will soon be introducing visualisation techniques that will help break behaviours and blockages to achieving your goals but this is the first stages of achieving healing through visualisation. #fightingfitstudio

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