Obesity – disease or lifestyle choice

By Michelle Crawford @ Fighting Fit Studio

So here we are 2019 and talk around obesity and dieting has picked up in the media as it does every year. January is here and you’re all making your New Year’s resolution to get fitter, faster, stronger and lose weight which social and mainstream media use to either guilt trip you, or some might say, encourage you into making new year resolutions, but how many of you will stick to them.

Obesity is the new way we can make people feel guilty about using a health service they help pay for. This allows some people to dehumanise and abuse already vulnerable people. If people don’t feel good about themselves then they don’t treat themselves well, so berating people for being overweight or for any addiction just compounds the problem.

The usual debate as to whether this is a lifestyle choice or a disease rages on.

The Royal College of London wants us to consider obesity a disease and treat it as so and not a lifestyle choice.  

I personally have no problem with this as eating to the point of when it becomes detrimental to your health is an addiction and like all addictions, they are a disease or as I like to think of it a dis-ease of the mind that affects the body.

I consider obesity and anorexia varying ends of the same spectrum or scale. Both are normally caused by a dislike of self and can normally be traced back to some emotional trauma or disturbance. Like all disease, you can treat the symptoms easier than the cause. When we are dealing with people who find it difficult to lose weight or maintain weight loss then we haven’t dealt with the initial causes.

However, labelling obesity as a disease should not be used as an excuse as to why people can’t lose weight and this is where lifestyle choices must come into play. Taking responsibility for your addiction is empowering you to make the change and address the behaviours and beliefs that stop you from making the change.

The genetic facts are if you don’t eat you can not gain weight, obesity is not an issue if you suffer from famine or lack of food.

Published by fighting fit studio

As a PT I work around the London E9 area, outside training in Well St common, Victoria Pk, London Fields, Wellington Green, etc. Gym training at Titan gym, Hackney London E8 3RD, no membership fees and entrance fee included in PT payment. Workouts - bodybuilding, martial arts and pad workouts, Calisthenics, Circuits, and functional training. I have over 20 years of fitness teaching fitness which includes strength training, body alignment, flexibility, and rehabilitation.

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