Women and Self Defence – Fighting Fit Studio


I have been a personal trainer for over 15 years and have seen this industry grow over the past 10 years. Like all industries that explode in this way means there are a lot of personal trainers who have trained for 6 weeks to gain their qualifications and don’t actually specialise in anything.

One area I see this most is in padwork were usually women are being taught boxing skills without any foundation of how to use it. The trainer themselves half the time don’t know what they are doing.

With Fighting Fit Studio you will learn fighting skills that are practical and learn how to use these skills if ever needed.

2 women a week are still killed by partners or x-partners, so if you’re going to learn fighting skills ladies please be taught by someone who has previous training in these skills and not just a few hours boxercise course.

Published by Life Coach & Personal Trainer

Fighting Fit Studio is a 1 to 1 training space for people who need support to achieve their fitness and body image goals. There are no membership fees or annual contracts. As a personal trainer, I like to keep my sessions fun and fresh. I use my martial art skills as part of my training regimes. Cardio pad work and circuits using a mixture of body weighted exercises, kettlebells, weights, suspension training and Calisthenics will help you to achieve your goals quickly while keeping sessions challenging. Martial arts has always involved an all-around fitness, it improves strength, endurance, speed, hand to eye coordination and flexibility. This is not a martial arts class, I just use some techniques of punching and kicking as part of your workout. It is a great way to burns calories, lose weight and learn some self-protection skills. I do not believe you are limited by age, gender or ability as my fitness programmes are suited to your personal needs. Free Consultation

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